Retreats That Work offers custom-designed two- and four-day creative facilitation and design trainings for HR, OD, and training professionals.  

Either program can be expanded to include our highly recommended one-on-one coaching sessions for participants to further hone their skills and get direct feedback on their facilitation technique and exercise designs.

Click below to learn more about our classic options and watch the video about our program at the bottom of the page. 

Four-Day Creative Facilitation and Design Intensive. In this "boot camp," participants will explore the fundamentals of creative retreat design and facilitation through dynamic experiential learning, including the creation of high-impact exercises.

Two-Day Creative Facilitation Training. A crash course to improve facilitation and design skills. Participants will learn how to design and lead retreats and meetings that move organizations forward and foster lasting, positive change. At this point the two day course is only available for private organizations.