Four-Day Creative Design Intensive

This four-day intensive offers participants the opportunity to learn the principles of creative design that are needed to create innovative results-oriented workshops, trainings, and retreats. 

Merianne Liteman and Sheila Campbell, authors of the popular book Retreats That Work, share their time-tested activities that participants can use or modify to open an event, generate ideas, encourage team learning, change organization culture, close an event, and ensure implementation.

The course is highly experiential and the hands-on learning format gives participants the tools they need to design and facilitate their own creative exercises tailored to the needs of their clients.

Please review a draft agenda below and contact us for more information about hosting or attending a four-day training. 

Day 1: 

Welcome and Introductions

Ground Rules

Exercise: Paper Airplanes

Tailoring Exercises to Achieve Different Goals

Basic Techniques

Whole Group Movement

Line Up Interviews


Question Cards

Green Squares and Red Triangles

Forming an Effective Partnership with a Co-Facilitator

Partnering with the Meeting or Retreat Convener

Advanced Techniques for Team Dynamics

Teammate or Saboteur?

Resource challenge

Cases for Group Exercises

Exercise: Visualizing Culture

Day 2: 

Advanced facilitation technique – Improvisation

Bus Check In

Improv Circle

Retreat Flow and Design

Advanced Facilitation Techniques

Silent Dialogue

Creative Thinking Idea Generation

Advanced Facilitation Techniques for Decision-Making

Targeting Priorities

Capabilities and Payoff Matrix

Final Assignment Guidelines

Small Group Assignment Work Time – Using or Adapting a Known Exercise

Day 3: 

Exercise: Embodying Issues

Small Group Assignment Observation Guidelines

Small Group Presentations and Feedback

Design Principles for Creating New Exercises

Exercise: Where We Sit

Exercise: Using the Environment for Inspiration

Use of Metaphor in Exercises

Small Group Assignment Work Time – Creating a new exercise

Day 4: 

Small Group Assignment Observation Guidelines

Small Group Presentations and Feedback

Closing Exercises



I commit...

Presentation of Certificates