At their best, retreats are a powerful means to bring about positive change, but only if they are planned and facilitated with that goal in mind.

Sadly, many retreats don't "work" because nothing changes when participants return to their offices. What makes our approach different?

For us, retreats are not an end in themselves but a part of an overall process that starts with an in-depth organizational assessment and ends with successful implementation of what participants have committed to accomplish.

We begin with no pre-conceived notions; we are guided by what we learn from the people we interview and survey and any research we need to best understand your organization and context. Depending on the purpose of the retreat. we might speak with your board members, executives, staff, or clients. Then we custom-design an approach that responds to your organization's strengths, challenges, and aspirations.

We work to create an environment that is conducive to trust, collaboration, and honest inquiry. 

In our retreats colleagues agree on organizational direction, build trust, tackle tough questions, generate new ideas more creatively, and improve overall satisfaction and productivity. Working in this way helps create conditions in which initiatives will flourish and leadership will run deep and wide in your organization. 

We work with you to ensure your team leaves with clear next steps and a commitment to action. The seeds planted at a retreat must be nurtured. We can help you with implementation of your plans over the short- and long term so that the effort put into a retreat achieves real results.