Individual Coaching

If a team retreat is the catalyst for change, individual coaching of team members and team leaders is the “fuel” that can propel continued momentum towards reaching team and organizational goals.

Through creative, constructive, and, at times, challenging dialogue, Retreats That Work coaches can help individuals uncover what is holding them back from achieving success and help them align their actions to meet their goals.

We believe that each individual holds the key to his or her success – the answers lie within. We encourage self-discovery, help individuals identify and implement solution-focused strategies, and build a partnership of accountability to turn those ideas into reality. We also employ assessments and other tools at intervals during the coaching relationship to evaluate progress.

Through coaching, we can help individuals leave behind the habitual reactions and behaviors that undermine their progress, more effectively manage relationships with colleagues, and shift their perspectives to open up new ways of seeing difficult situations. With the gift of energizing new insight, our coaching clients move forward with renewed optimism.

We can design coaching packages that include the delivery of diagnostic assessments to spur self-awareness and support the coaching process. Talk with us about how individual coaching can support your team and organizational goals.