Two-Day Creative Facilitation Training

We don't approach our creative facilitation workshops as one-size-fits-all events. No organization's challenges, issues, or concerns are identical to those of any other organization. Thus, the exact structure of the agenda is informed by what we learn from interviews and surveys of participants from your organization.

While the content itself is highly customized for your organization's needs, the structure and methodology will include activities to help participants:

  • Learn and practice principles of effective co-facilitation
  • Manage effectively group dynamics, particularly those that involved highly intelligent people who want to be heard even if that derails the planned agenda
  • Contract successfully with the retreat convener to help ensure a successful outcome before, during and after the retreat
  • Work well with participants who are having a strong emotional reaction
  • Design a retreat flow and know when to change their carefully-crafted design
  • Modify exercises to tailor them to clients' needs
  • Use creative thinking and decision-making tools to help the groups they facilitate work more effectively together and accomplish their goals for the retreat 

Any program we create for your organization would employ highly interactive, creative, and energizing activities aimed at fostering learning in a supportive yet challenging environment. 

If you are interested in covering all this content plus more instruction on how to adapt existing and design new exercises, take a look at our Four-Day Intensive.